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Under Threes Price List

These fees apply until your child qualifies for the government funding. This kicks in the term that starts after their third birthday.
Morning Session8 AM - 1 PM£38.25
Afternoon Session1 PM - 6 PM£28.25
Short Day8 AM - 3 PM or 9 PM - 4 PM£48.75
Full Day8 AM - 6 PM£62.00
Full Time Care8 AM - 6 PM 5 Days a Week£279.00
Early Drop7:30 - 8:00£4.00
Registration FeeOne off fee£60.00

Please note
We only offer childcare on an all year round basis of 51 weeks a year
Monthly fees are calculated as weekly amount * 51 / 12
A deposit of one month’s fees capped at £250 will be required to secure your place

Everyone is entitled to this and as such it is referred to in government websites as the
Universal Hours. Parents are often led to believe that this entitles them to 15 hours a week.

It is 15 hours a week but ONLY for 38 weeks a year. It is Term Time Only! We do NOT offer term time only so we spread it across the 51 weeks in the year that we are open. This gives parents 11.18 hours of funding across 51 weeks in the year. 

The government funding only pays for the staff costs. Everything else including food, arts and crafts materials, activities and the long list of other costs in providing a quality education are not included.

We charge £14.50 a day to cover these extra costs. The government recognises that nurseries will need to charge over and above the funding it provides and also uses the term consumables charge on its websites.

Subject to certain conditions, parents may be eligible for an additional 15 hours. This additional 15 hours is referred to on government websites as the extended hours offer. The additional 15 hours are also term time only. We offer this as 22.36 hours a week stretched over 51 weeks

How can I Pay?

Bank Transfers
Childcare Vouchers
Tax Free Childcare Account Payments

We do not accept